It's Been Awhile

2015-01-10 01:20:32 by Rdwilson

Hey Guys,

Sorry It's been so long since posting a new song but I have been VERY busy but not ot fret I have a new song for you go check it out!


2013-08-01 16:50:31 by Rdwilson

Hey guys wazzup I'm back with some really good music go check it out!

Fl Studio is awsome!

2012-03-22 17:10:13 by Rdwilson

I just got fl studio and I made this amazing song go check it out it's called Potc Theme Remix

Sole Signal

2011-07-12 19:57:04 by Rdwilson

Good Remixes Hey guys found out this place called sole signal the got some good remixes check it out


2010-09-26 02:25:05 by Rdwilson

Pie is AWSOME its so good I could eat a whole factory of pies.